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About Us

The creation of Tapalo.

  • Januari 2014

    The Beginning

    In the second semester of the 5th grade we received a task from our teacher of economics. The goal of the task was to start a mini-business and to invent a product or sell an existing product in an innovative way. That is how our group was created, containing 5 motivated pupils of the Saint-Leocollege, Bruges.

  • February 2014

    The creation of Tapalo

    After a month of brainstorming and elaborating ideas we had found the perfect concept. Our concept was unique because it has never before been invented nor commercialised by any enterprise around the world.

  • March 2014


    After a month of thinking and hard work we finally arrived at our original name for our original concept: Tapalo! Tapalo is originated from the spanish verb Tapar which means "to cover". We have taken the imperative form and that is how we arrived at our original brand name Tapalo!

  • April 2014

    Tapalo is shaped.

    Durign a whole month our team worked for days to give a perfect shape to our concept. The concept itself was clear but the execution and the shape were not self-evident. Even though we had these difficulties we succeeded in creating our first prototype.

  • Mai 2014

    Our first ordeal.

    Our first ordeal was waiting for us at the presentation that we had to give in front of our class, teachers and principal. Our presentation turned out to be a great succes in which we gained a lot of support and sympathy for our product. This presentation was an extra confirmation that we were on the right track and gave us an extra energy boost to give everything we had!

  • October 2014


    At the kick-pff we had to present our product to the big public for the first time. During our presentation our product was evaluated in a very positive way. This was another confirmation of the good work that we were delivering.

  • Januari 2015

    Business to Business

    At the End of Januari we visited the company Darvan that produces our product. It was a very interisting experience from which we have learned alot. It was at that time that we have seen our products production proces, it was quite impressive.

  • February 2015


    On february 11th we met all our shareholders for the first time. At was at that evening that we have presented our product for the first time and gave them the chance to buy our product. Our first sales were a great succes which gave us an extra boost to keep going at 100 percent.

  • February 2015

    Day of the mini-enterprises

    On february 28th we represented our mini-enterprise on the Zand at Bruges on the day of the mini-enterprises.

  • March 2015

    West-Flemish Finals

    18 march was the day that we worked for all along, the West-Flemish finals. With an excellent presentation and a well prepared question round we had the honor to announce that we had won the finals. The road to the Flemish finals were open.

  • May 2015

    Flemish Finals

    On the 6th of May we had to present our product for the last time at the Flemish finals at the ministry of education in Brussels. We were competing against 4 other strong mini-enterprises with strong concepts. After a warm welcome we had to present our product in front of our friends, sympathizers and a jury consisting experienced business men and women. We had a perfect presentation and a fluent question round. At that evening we did not knew if we had won or not. The results of the Flemish finals were to be given out at the Walibi Awards event.

  • May 2015

    Walibi Awards Event

    After 2 days of stressful waiting we arrived at Walibi. After arrival we had to walk to the arena were the ceremony was about to take place. After an introduction and warm welcome by the comedian Bart Cannaerts and demonstration of beatboxing by the belgian world champion of beatboxing we were about to know if we had won or not. After waiting stressfully our flemish minister of economics, science and innovation Philippe Muyters announced that we had won the Flemish finals, and were the best Flemish mini-enterprise of 2015! This gave us the honor to represent Flanders at the European finals in Berlin!

  • July 2015

    European Finals 28-31 july

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Our Product

What makes Tapalo unique.

What is Tapalo?

Unique Selling Proposition

Core Business

Target Group

Who we want to reach.


From 16 to 30 years old.


Small to big.

Bars and clubs.


Katia Baltodano

Chief Executive Officer

Jérôme De Nil

Chief Commercial Officer

Silke Lievens

Chief Administrative Officer

Nele De Meersman

Chief Financial Officer

Neal Swaelens

Chief Technical Officer

Our team consists 5 motivated, innovative and intelligent pupils of the Saint-Leocollege, Bruges. All studying economics and modern languages in our senior year.


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